About Us

Trakya Dis Ticaret AD was founded in 2009 as a company involved in trade of grain and sunflower and their derivatives (flour, oil and fodder). The company is one of the largest exporters of sunflower. Our priority markets are located in the neighbouring Balkan countries: Turkey and Greece. There is three shareholders of Trakya Dis Ticaret AD as:

  1. Türkiye Tarım Kredi Kooperatifleri Merkez Birliği - The Central Union of Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives.
  2. Tarım Kredi Kooperatifleri Tekirdağ Bölge Birliği  - Tekirdağ Regional Union Directorate 
  3. Trakya Yem ve Yağ Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. - Oil factory and Feed Mill Plant in Kirklareli and Uzunkopru city.

Our History

Kirklareli Feed Mill was acquired from the state Fodder industry within the scope of privatization studies through the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in 1995 Kirklareli Feed Mill continnnued its operations as a firm affiliated to the general Direcotirate of Agriculltural Credit Cooperatives. Oil industry (Uzunkopru Yem Sanayi) was established as company with 840 members in 1974. In 1989, the Agricultural Credit Cooperative acquired %23 of the capital of the company.In 2003 the owners of the company are Agriculltural Credit Cooperatives was %10 of the total shares; and the remaining %10 of the share capital is owned by 860 members. The facilities of Uzunkopru Yem ve Yag Sanayi was operated by Kirklareli Yem Sanayi Anonim Sirketi, Yem ve Yem Sanayi were merget under the roof of Kirklareli Yem Sanayi Anonim Sirketi on August 22, 2008 and the company was changed as Trakya Yem ve Yag Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Sirketi.  

It is an entity owned full by the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. The company has a feed mill with 30/hour of capacity, warehouse facilities with 8000 ton capacity. 5 steel hoppers with 1500 m3 of capacity, and an oil factory with 200 ton / day capacity in Kirklareli. It also has a feed mill with 15 ton / hour of capacity, an oil factory with 400 ton /day capacity, 4 steel hoppers with 2500 m3 of capacity, and warehouse facilities with 40000 ton capacity in Uzunkopru. The facilities of the Company are located on 60-dacare of lands as the facilities in Uzunkopru are located on 70-dacare on land.

The operating area of the Company for fodder in Thrace and Canakkale. And for the sunflower oil and com oil, it is Marmara Aegean, and meditteranean regions.

In the feed mills the Company, mixed feed is produced in all qualities. The products of the producers in the region including sunflower,wheat,barley, and corn are processed in the plants of Company.